“Andy is the most wonderful, generous man anyone could hope for to keep them in shape for whatever their voice or their life is doing to them.”

-Mandy Patinkin
“I’ve tried to learn to sing from thirty-five voice teachers from America to England, France and Italy, Andy produced sounds from me I have been waiting all my life to make.”

-Jose Ferrer
“In all my years of show business, I have never encountered a more productive system for the training of the voice.”

-Regis Philbin

“Andy is the best of the best. What great times together! Thanks.”

-Regis Philbin


“Everybody searches for some kind of enlightenment in every field. As far as singing goes, it’s definitely Andy Anselmo.”

-Liza Minnelli

“When Andy sings, the angels curtsey.”

-Liza Minnelli

“I always wanted to sing but thought there was no way I could. But with Andy’s teaching, I now have a singing act that still stays in perfect order. I’m performing all over the country with Street Songs, and even at the White House, and it’s all entirely his doing. If I were to wish for something to happen to someone that I love, I’d wish that at some time in their life, they would be this lucky. I love him very much.”

-Geraldine Fitzgerald
“There is no place like the SINGERS FORUM…it combines an atmosphere of hard work with an abundance of joy.

-Mariette Hartley


“Andy sings the words like Frank Sinatra does.”

-Julie Harris

“Andy is a male Barbara Streisand.”

-Phyllis Diller

“Andy: Thank you for fixing my voice.”

-Saundra Santiago

“You will never know how much I love you…but I’m trying!”

-Rue McClanahan